• Global Credit Card Solutions

    Accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express globally

    Affordable rates for merchants of all sizes

    High risk industries accepted

  • Virtual Check Solutions

    Fast approvals and account setup

    Merchant account protection from chargebacks

    Ideal for high risk industries such as online dating, MLM, and payday loans

  • Electronic Funds Transfer

    EFT provides the same service for Canadian businesses as it’s US equivalent ACH

    All transactions are encrypted offering peace of mind

    Disburse funds to multiple banks accounts for payroll or affiliate payouts

  • Card Funds Transfer

    Direct funds can be loaded onto almost any Visa or MasterCard

    Disburse funds to over 45 countries

    CFT funds are transferred in real time and are available immediately

Benefits of Aramor Payment Processing Solutions

Lower costs and increase profits

Our services help you operate more efficiently to maximize your profits.

Reduce abandon rates

Don’t let customers slip away! We make it simple for customers to pay.

Reduce chargebacks and fraud

We can help make sure that problem transactions are kept to a minimum.

Accounts for all industries

We offer merchant accounts for low, medium, and high risk businesses.

Check 21 & ACH Payment Processing Solutions

Full-service provider

Aramor Payments is a provider of advanced electronic payment services, specializing in providing payment gateways to process electronic checks and credit cards. Our proprietary gateway enables merchants to utilize the capabilities of ACH processing, Check 21 and Credit Cards. We offer the full spectrum of services and products needed to create the perfect ecommerce environment. We are the clear choice for handling all of your payment transactions.

We help businesses of all sizes to reduce the amount of time and money that they spend trying to collect payments from clients. We have solutions that are geared towards Fortune 500 companies, as well as small business with limited resources. Our payment processing services are guaranteed to save you time and money.

Make money with us

In addition to providing payment solutions, we also offer partnership opportunities geared towards web developers as well as other resellers.

Partner Services

There are three main advantages to partnering with Aramor Payments.


No overhead costs
We handle merchant support and billing on your behalf


Improve your cash flow
We offer a continuous revenue stream


Customized solutions
Complete transparency and a tailored solution for your merchant