Asian market consulting

The new frontier for budding entrepreneurs is in the Far East. China and Southeast Asia have a growing middle class, high social media engagement and a high concentration of smart phone users. Aramor Payments has been doing work in the continent for over a decade and is very familiar with the landscape

Aramor can provide guidance on market research, corporate structuring and payment systems. Ecommerce integration, fulfillment, shipping modules and inventory management are all areas we can assist with allowing for a seamless ecosystem for your online business.

Develop your business case

We provide unbiased advice to help you build the ideal ecommerce ecosystem for your online business.

Our extensive banking relationships allow for fast boarding for small and medium sized retail and ecommerce merchants. For riskier merchants we aid in providing recommendations and working closely with you during the compliance process.

Aramor is also a partner with Magento, Shopify, and Big Commerce and is capable of ensuring your ecommerce setup development and digital strategies lead to conversions.”

Chargeback Management

Part of the challenge and risk in a card not present environment is managing fraud and potential chargebacks. Aramor has partnered with some of the leading chargeback partners to ensure that our merchants don’t lose money or jeopardize their merchant accounts due to excessive chargebacks and fraud. We track analytics, aid in customer disputes, can manage and setup in house customer service protocols and reclaim your bottom line and your customer relationships.

Web and app development

No website can drive a higher ticket size without a definitive and convincing design backed by a powerful gateway and simple checkout experience.

We work with some of the top web and app developers all over the world. From original logos to intricate design work Aramor Payments partners with some of the most talented artists and designers. Storefront integrations, detailed setups of sub merchants and multi-lingual site details for multiple markets are easily customized.