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Don’t turn away merchants because you’re unable to find them the right high risk solution.

Our program isn’t just for agents – ISOs, other PSPs, and even merchants can send us their leads and applications. We are also interested in working with web designers, developers, SEO specialists, affiliate marketers shopping card providers, web designers, and bankers.

  • Aramor allows you to submit your own application, or will white label our application for your merchant submissions
  • Aramor splits 50/50 of all revenue up to $1 million
  • Aramor offers a 60% revenue split above $1 million
  • Aramor offers a 70% revenue above $2 million
  • Aramor can get any merchant up and processing within 5 business days and in some cases can turn around deals within 48 hours

We’ll help you find the right solution

Aramor will find the best acquiring bank for your merchant. Whether it is credit card processing, disbursements, chargeback management or unique payment opportunities, Aramor has an endless catalogue of options.

Our partners come to Aramor with a long list of high risk merchants, but their common industries include:

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Website hosting
  • Online marketing
  • White labeling
  • Corporation setup
  • Banking setup
  • Introductions for accounts
  • Introductions to accountants
  • Introductions to lawyers

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