Reduce your chargebacks

Chargeback management is still a relatively new and ever changing platform for most merchants. Aramor Payments is partnered with some amazing Chargeback Management Systems.

Not only does Aramor advise on how to handle chargebacks; we partner you with companies who will fight those chargebacks on your behalf.

This can be integrated into our own gateway or your technology. Aramor advises on customer service best practices and we work with our various providers on obtaining the right bank to handle your risk.

Using certain strategic measures to help with redundancy in spreading your risks is key to remaining viable in your ability to accept payments.

Develop your business case

We provide unbiased advice to help you build the ideal ecommerce ecosystem for your online business.

Our extensive banking relationships allow for immediate immediate same day boarding for small and medium sized retail and ecommerce merchants.

Aramor is a shopify partner capable of ensuring your ecommerce setup development and digital marketing strategies.

For riskier merchants we aid in providing recommendations and working closely with you on the compliance process. We’ve recently done this for one of our clients in the online fantasy sports industry helping that merchant obtain the necessary processing.

Brokering of cryptocurrency

Aramor specializes in large, private deal making in the crypto space.

Ensuring that the legal details are in order, money movement is efficient and to smooth trade of coins takes place.

Aramor is able to close large institutional deals or facilitate private liquidation.

Explore new global markets

Our relationships and coverage of emerging markets, including Asia allow our merchants to access the worlds biggest and fastest growing online markets.

Aramor constantly explores and researches emerging markets on a daily basis analyzing new solutions for our merchants who are looking to broaden their reach.

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