Reduce your chargebacks

Chargeback management is still a relatively new and ever changing platform for most merchants. Aramor Payments is partnered with some amazing Chargeback Management Systems.

Not only does Aramor advise on how to handle chargebacks; we partner you with companies who will fight those chargebacks on your behalf.

This can be integrated into our own gateway or your technology. Aramor advises on customer service best practices and we work with our various providers on obtaining the right bank to handle your risk.

Using certain strategic measures to help with redundancy in spreading your risks is key to remaining viable in your ability to accept payments.

Build your own gateway

Avoid letting someone else take a piece of your pie by developing your own custom payment gateway. Aramor can help connect you with qualified software developers that can build a bespoke system to suit your situation.

To help boost revenue, affiliate tools and software are available via Aramor. We can make the necessary introductions and manage the implementation of each integration.

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Develop your business case

We prepare a cost/benefit analysis and provide extensive research to evaluate proposed projects. By assessing key trends and growth patterns, we help you determine the next steps in your payment decision process.

Aramor works with banks, lawyers, processors, gateways and governing bodies to look at the impact of legal and regulatory changes. We will facilitate legal opinions as well as make recommendations for compliance processes.

We have recently done this for one of our clients in the online fantasy sports industry, and in the online nutraceutical industry. Helping them obtain the processing needed for their respective businesses.

Tap into our network

Through our industry network, Aramor can recommend associates who specialize in complimentary services that can help complete the implementation of your payment processing solution.

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Website hosting
  • Online marketing
  • White labelling
  • Corporation setup
  • Banking setup
  • Introductions for accounts
  • Introductions to accountants
  • Introductions to lawyers

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